We Provide High-End Landscaping Services

Design & Planting

Sri Sri Landscapes has been striving hard to maintain the standards it has been promising for several years. We work hard on upgrading to the new patterns and designing techniques to keep ourselves competing in the market. We and our team have been maintaining a special focus on planting techniques in our Sri Sri Landscapes. We also offer customized plants and even get them easily delivered to our clients. Planting fresh plants and supplying the best quality services are the criteria we have been working on for years and that got us to what we are today. Our customers growing requirements and wants motivate to explore landscaping in different and unique ways.

We offer terrific designing and sketching of our plants in a detailed way. Both designing and plating the plants are two main important parts of landscaping. We respect customers choice and wants and improve our capabilities through the feedback of the customers and clients as considering them to be the reason of our continuous growth. Each landscape we work on depends upon the personality of the space and adds a touch of green for a perfect space. Designing small plants and herbs and various potted plants has become our way of cultivating them.

Garden Care

A garden is a place for shaping a little world of your own according to your heart’s desire. A garden should always be beautiful and soothing. So we wish every home and garden be serviced, decorated and maintained well with our services.. Be it yearly maintenance services or regular trimmings, we offer customized packages for every customer so your garden looks great. It also includes not only watering the plants but also feeding the plants very often, trimming and chopping the unwanted trees, shrubs and getting rid of weeds etc.,

In Sri Sri landscapers we have advanced and well-equipped garden and lawn care where we also use machines and watering system for garden care, especially for live and organic plants. We serve our customers through the garden or lawn care .At Sri Sri landscapers we also have pesticide control systems and we do provide applying fertilizers for the plants to survive and be in good condition for a lifetime. We render our services flawlessly aiming customer satisfaction.

Roof Garden

Roof garden is essentially a garden on the rooftop of a building, man-made green spaces on the topmost level of residential and commercial structures. Consisting of different plants, these verdant areas help improve a building’s aesthetics. Also called “intensive roofs,” roof gardens are built using more infrastructure and more soil than ecoroofs. Roof gardens reduce stormwater runoff flow rate and volume. They also: Create usable space on roofs, adding value to buildings. Lower heating and cooling costs. Depending on the growth medium and maintenance they are usually of three types, names Extensive roof garden,Semi Intensive roof garden and Intensive roof garden. Due to today’s urban landscapes, which is congested and has less green space, more residential owners and building architects opt to develop rooftop gardens. 

Sri Sri Landscapes help you in designing, customizing and maintaining the garden according to your choice. We always support our customers and give the apt recommendations for the best and neat looking area for rooftops.

Landscape Gardening

Landscaping is generally a Dutch word that means a visual image of outdoor areas. Landscape gardening is the decoration of a tract of land with plants and other garden materials so as to produce a picturesque and naturalistic effect in a limited space. Landscaping can be done to trees, plants, botanical gardens, lawns, pathways, fences, etc. Gardening and landscaping both involve different skills which are done by our team and management. Unlike landscaping, gardening involves designing, planning, and executing. Landscaping ideas also differ from a lawn to a commercial park or a roof-top garden etc. It depends on various factors such as customer’s choice, climate, site, soil and heritage.

Sri Sri Landscapes provide landscaping and gardening services for our beloved customers. We are well knowledged on how to serve, satisfy and maintain our customers. Landscaping gardening involves and includes both skills and time management. Sri Sri landscapes provide valuable service to our people.

Home Gardening

Home gardening includes backyard, lawn, potted plants, terrace gardens and flower beds. First, we must check up on the best place and area for a home garden; we should also check on the required space for gardening at home, or either we can turn out our balcony or lawn into a home gardening system. For home gardening services Sri Sri provide the best and advanced gardening mechanisms; with us, by providing proper care and more greens around. And gardening is also one of the forms of exercise and gives good health and body repair. If everyone tries to cultivate their home gardens then we can reduce the cost-effective of buying vegetables at the market and we can have our tasteful veggies/ fruits from our place itself. A garden also increases the value of a good home, these days’ children can also start cultivating small plants and it increases their way of dealing with plants and also it is one of the good habits of potting and watering the plants.

We provide better home gardening services to ease your work and fulfil yourrequirements in the most convincing manner.

Vertical Landscaping Gardening Service

Vertical landscaping is a method for replacing ordinary horizontal plants; vertical landscaping can be done both indoors and outdoors. Vertical gardens / Green walls are the cutting edge to luxury & attractiveness, not only look impressive but will also make you feel more comfortable in your environment by tapping into nature’s inherent calming powers. We use panel or a tray-based system with a soilless medium that is easy to install & maintain on lobby walls, office/home walls, out-door building & suitable surfaces.

Vertical gardening makes watering plants easier; there is no proper limit for designing and style of vertical planters; the main advantages are they allow you to grow flowers, herbs, and veggies. The main things or products needed for vertical gardening are making our frame, fixing and maintaining PVC sheets to the wall. The first step to vertical gardening is planning the area and determining the site of the wall and also making sure it gets sufficient sun exposure. They look beautiful indoors and outdoors also. Vertical gardens will offer a lush pop of color, design & beauty to any environment.